Library is meant to fulfill the information needs of students, faculty and staff of various Departments of the Institute. One reading hall with a seating capacity of 40 has been provided with the Periodical Section where all the journals, newspapers and magazines are displayed. Library has a rich collection of about 1500 volumes in the stream of Engineering & Technology, applied sciences and Management. Library is also subscribing good number of journals, 15 magazines and 10 newspapers for its readers. The library provides Book Bank facility to the Students of the Institute.


Sr.No. Name of Book Quantity
1 Trade Theory 300
2 Trade Practical 300
3 Employability Skill 200
4 Workshop Calculations Science 200
5 Engineering Drawing 200
6 Other 300


The following shall be entitled to enroll themselves as members of the library:
1) The faculty members of various departments.
2) Non-teaching staff of the Institute.
3) All the students enrolled in the various departments of the Institute.
Those who are willing to become member of the Library are required to fill up library membership card.
Each member has been issued a library card.